Celebrating our very own Marcia Skall, a Penn State trailblazer! I Skall+Glassman

Skall + Glassman - December 15, 2023

Celebrating our very own Marcia Skall, a Penn State trailblazer!

She and her college teammates were featured on The Today Show this
morning for their part in making history at Penn State University.

Documented by historian Lou Prato, this story isn't just about a
cheer; it's about the power of unity, the strength in standing
together, and the legacy we create. Marcia we salute you for being a
part of extraordinary history.

Flashback to 1976: A group of spirited Penn State cheerleaders,
including our very own founding agent, Marcia Skall, stood in Beaver
Stadium, ready to ignite a new era. What unfolded next was not just a
cheer, but a defining moment in Penn State history.

"We Are Penn State" - these words echoed for the first time through
the stands, a cheer crafted by cheerleaders who were inspired by the
vibrant energy they witnessed from rival teams. Marcia and her team
sought to bring this electric atmosphere back to their home turf. With
a clever pause and a drum roll, they transformed these words into a
powerful call-and-response, rallying the crowd into a unified voice.

While the cheer initially took time to gain traction, the
cheerleaders' unwavering enthusiasm paid off. By 1981, "We Are... Penn
State!" had become a staple at every game, a symbol of pride and unity
for every Penn Stater.

But the roots of "We Are Penn State" delve deeper into Penn State's
history. Rewind to 1946, a time when the Nittany Lion football team
stood against segregation. Refusing to play without their Black
teammates against the University of Miami, they set a precedent for
inclusivity and unity. This spirit was again evident in 1948 during
the Cotton Bowl, where Penn State insisted on playing as a complete
team, breaking barriers in the process.

Fast forward to 2015, and the "We Are" Sculpture, a gift from Penn
State's class of 2013, became a permanent, reflective reminder of this
unity on campus. Today, it stands as a popular photo spot, inviting
visitors to see themselves as part of the Penn State family.

Join us in honoring Marcia a key figure in creating this
groundbreaking cheer. Her spirit and determination have left an
indelible mark on Penn State history.

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